Sunday, March 29, 2015


Rest quiet, sir, ‘tis well deserved
We’ll carry on, don’t fret
Rest quiet, sir, ‘tis well deserved
We’ll carry on, and not  forget

Rest quiet, sir, you’ve earned it well
From deep within we thank you
Rest quiet, sir, you’ve earned it well
The Lion City bids you a sad “adieu”

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Final Farewell

The mood was subdued as the crowd waited outside the Istana.  Mr Lee Kuan Yew would be leaving the Istana for the very last time, making his final journey to the Parliament House.  It was mostly silent with the occasional murmurings amongst those who came with companions.

As the cortege exited the gates of the Istana, the crowd broke into applause & shouts of "Lee Kuan Yew!", "Grandfather of Singapore!", "Thank you Mr Lee!"

I couldn't help but cry a silent tear & wished this great statesman a final farewell.

Rest well, dear've earned it.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Rest In Peace Lee Kuan Yew

A great man passed on today.  Many Singaporeans consider him the reason for Singapore's success.  There are some who may call him a dictator.

But for me, he will always remain an icon of Singapore, a respected statesman, a beloved family man.  I am watching now, as his son, the current Prime Minister of Singapore makes the announcement on national television.  He is visibly sorrowful, his voice occasionally breaking.

To his family, my deepest condolences.

Rest In Peace, Lee Kuan Yew.

"I have no regrets.  I have spent my life, so much of it, building up this country.  There's nothing more that I need to do.  At the end of the day, what have I got?  A successful Singapore.  What have I give up?  My life."   ~Lee Kuan Yew~

Monday, March 09, 2015


So, we've moved yet again, this time "back" to Singapore.  We get asked "for how long?" or "for good?" all the time, and my answer is "for now".

It's a full circle moment except that Singapore doesn't seem like home in the true sense of the word.  It's familiar yet not, it's home yet not.

Tremendous changes have transformed the Singapore that I grew up with into a modern, sanitized, crowded city.  Old landmarks are gone, many of the old buildings have been demolished to give way to new ones, new facades have given old buildings face lifts that have rendered them unrecognizable from what I had known.

Previously familiar roadways have now been diverted by construction, with new MRT lines being built left, right and center.

Even the old house where I spent most of my formative years has been "renovated" into an unrecognizable modern looking building.

I long for the day when I can put down roots again, in a place that I can call my forever home.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Another Milestone

We head to the Mid-West this weekend to attend Z's graduation from college.  He will officially be an engineer and was fortunate enough to get a full-time job starting January.

This marks the "end" of our responsibility.  No more tuition bills to pay (for Z), no more pocket money.  He will truly have left the nest.

Although for me, as a mother, my babies will never truly leave.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Role Reversal

I tell W that I may go back to clinical work part-time when we move to Singapore next year.

He says "why?" alarmedly.

I say "well, if the pay is good, it's one way of making some pocket money".

He says "but why do it if it's only going to make you miserable?"

I say "it's just a thought right now.  what I may do instead is to give quilting classes."

He says "yes!  that way, you would actually enjoy doing it."

Wise words from my young 'un.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Where is Home

Z graduates this December.  He needs to submit information for his commencement ceremony including "Hometown".  W asked us the same question too, a couple of months ago, as he may be on track to graduate a year earlier than expected.

"What should I say for Hometown?" they ask.

I say, "I don't know".

"Planet Earth would be good," Z replies.

Indeed, it would.

I ask myself this question too, sometimes.